Hiren Bhattacharya-Brief Life Sketch


Hiren Bhattacharya-Brief Life Sketch 

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Hiren Bhattacharya-Brief Life Sketch

Hiren Bhattacharya-Brief Life Sketch

Hiren Bhattacharya-Brief Life Sketch 

Hiren Bhattacharya (1932-2012) was a very influential modern Assamese poet, lyricist, magazine editor and writer of children literature. He was born in Jorhat. His father’s name was Tirthanath Bhattacharya and his mother’s name was Snehalata Bhattacharya. He completed his primary education at Dibrugarh and passed the entrance examination from Cotton Collegiate High School, Guwahati. Then he passed I A from B Baruah College, Guwahati and then making an end to his formal education, he started working to earn a living. Some days he worked in a printing press and some days he taught at a school. From an early age, he was associated with the ‘Bharatiya Gan-Natya Sangh’ and was influenced by progressive thought.

Hiren Bhattacharya, whose mind was bending towards writing poetry since his student days, had written many books of poetry. His most notable books of poetry are:  Raudra Kamna (1974), Mor Desh Mor Premar Kabita (1972), Bivinna Dinar Kabita (1974), Kabitar Rod (198), Sugandhi Pakhila (1971), Shaichar Pathar Manuh (1991), Valpowar Boka Mati, Jonali Mon Aru Ananya Kabita, Priya Barnamala etc. 

Hiren Bhattacharya was also a successful lyricist. ‘Tomar Gaan’ is a book of songs by him. He also wrote a number of children’s books, such as- ‘Lara Dhemali’ (1992) and Akau Dhemali (1993). Hiren Bhattacharya won the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1991 for his book ‘Shaichar Pathar Manuh’. He edited the magazines ‘Chitraban’, ‘Antrik’, and ‘Khanan’.

The primary theme of his poems is love: love to the motherland, love to man and love to nature. Hiren Bhattacharya’s poetry is full of innovation in using words phrases and imagery. His contemporary and younger poets were greatly influenced by his poetic style.

This influential poet died in the year 2012. 0 0 0

Hiren Bhattacharya-Brief Life Sketc

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