Bhupen Hazarika-Brief Life Sketch


Bhupen Hazarika-Brief Life Sketch

Bhupen Hazarika-Brief Life Sketch

Bhupen Hazarika-Brief Life Sketch

Bhupen Hazarika-Brief Life Sketch

Bhupen Hazarika (1927-2011) was an Assamese lyricist, singer, actor, film director, essayist and magazine editor. He was born in Shadia. After passing the entrance examination from Tezpur High School in 1940, he completed his I A. from B Barua College. Then he passed B. A. and M. A. from Varanasi Hindu University. Later on, he did Ph. D. from Columbia University, USA. During his stay in the USA, he met Priyambada Patil, a daughter of an Indian businessman, and eventually married her. A son, Tej Hazarika was born as a witness to their married life.

After the birth of Tej, Priyambada left him forever. Then he started teaching at B Baruah College, Guwahati and then at Guwahati University for some time. For some days, he also served at Akashbani Kendra, Guwahati. Eventually, he devoted himself to arts and music and became a singer, lyricist, film director and music director. In 1980, he was introduced to Kalpana Lajmi a young woman and she remained Bhupen Hazarika’s lifelong companion ever since.

The films directed by Bhupen Hazarika are: Erabatar Sur (1956), Shakuntala (1961), Pratidhavani (1964), Latighati (196), Chikmik Bijuli (1969), Chiraj (1988) etc. He also directed several Hindi and Bengali films. He also directed nine documentaries.

Bhupen Hazarika was also a writer. He wrote fifty books. He was a life-long member of the Assam Sahitya Sabha and was elected its president in 1993. He edited some magazines also as-Pratiddavani, Bindu and Pratinidhi.

Bhupen Hazarika was also involved in politics. He served as an MLA from 1967 to 1972 in the Naobaicha Constituency.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the world of music and film, he had received numerous national and international awards and honours such as the President’s Medal of India, the National Award for Best Music Director, Dada Chaheb Phalke Award, Padmasri and some others.

His contribution to the art and culture of Assam is greater than that of Jyoti Prasad Agarwala and Kalaguru Vishnu Prasad Rabha.

He died on November 5, 2011. 0 0 0


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