Hariprasad Gorkha Rai-Brief Life Sketch


Hariprasad Gorkha Rai-Brief Life Sketch


Hariprasad Gorkha Rai-Brief Life Sketch

Hariprasad Gorkha Rai

Hariprasad Gorkha Rai-Brief Life Sketch

Hariprasad Gorkha Rai was a Nepali-speaking Assamese, Gurkha writer and lexicographer. 

Hariprasad Gorkha Rai was born on 15 March 1915 in the womb of Yashoda Rai by Dhanraj Rai, in the capital of Nagaland. Hariprasad Gorkha Rai, known as a prominent writer of the Avahan era, devoted himself to literary pursuits along with Dhan Bahadur Sonar and Govinda Chandra Paira. This trio was educated in Assamese medium and became involved in the study of the Assamese language and literature. In the company of Padmanath Gohainbaruah, the first president of the Assam Sahitya Sabha, ‘Gorkha’ Rai formed the Kohima branch of the Assam Sahitya Sabha in collaboration with Dhan Bahadur Sonar and Govinda Chandra Paira. Hariprasad Gorkha Rai was one of the persons who took literature as a medium for national consciousness and awakening in subjugated India. Gorkha Rai, who wrote in both Assamese and Nepali languages, was a true symbol of harmony and brotherhood. His stories depicted the harmony of tribal and non-ethnic life in the hills. Gorkha Rai, who started his career as a teacher, had since moved to Akashvani, serving Nepali and Assamese literature.

Rai wrote several dictionaries, such as –

(a) Mikir Shabdakosh 

 (b) Pumeitangkhul Shabdakosh 

(c) Maram Shabdakosh 

(d) Meering Shabdakosh 

(e) Assamese Shabdakosh

(f) Nepali Shabdakosh 

In addition to these dictionaries, he wrote the following books in Nepali: 

(1) Babri (Poetry Compilation, 1974)

(2) Manchariko Buli (Poetry 1976)

(3) Yaha Badnam Hunch (Collection of Stories, 1984) etc. 0 0 0


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