Lankeshwar Gohain-Brief Life Sketch


Lankeshwar Gohain-Brief Life Sketch


Lankeshwar Gohain-Brief Life Sketch

Lankeshwar Gohain

Lankeshwar Gohain-Brief Life Sketch

Lankeshwar Gohain was a worthy great-grandson of the Matak king Swargadeo Sarbananda Singh, the founder of the Bengmara kingdom. King Sarbananda Singh had three sons Matibar, Kalibar, and Kamaleshwar. Matibar had ten sons including Bhogbar, Bhagirath, Dukhirath, Suk, etc. Bhagirathi’s third son was Bishbar and Lankeshwar Gohani was the sixth son of Bishbar.

Lankeshwar Gohain was born in 1887 in Tinichukiya. After the death of Lord Sarbananda Singh, the royal family as well as other subjects of the Bengmara kingdom moved to different parts of the state. At the age of ten, Prince Lankeshwar Gohain moved to Chabua with his family. The area was later renamed ‘Rajabari’ for the royal family. At that time, some members of the royal family, including the prince’s family, moved to Dirak in the present Tinsukia district in search of farmland to rely on agriculture.

Prince Lankeshwar Gohain was not formally educated but was a brave, ambitious and thoughtful man. He was endowed with the ability to lead society. As a representative of the king, even before the independence of the country, he made a strong demand to the British government for the restoration of the kingdom. He was demanding the recognition of the state of Bengmara in the interest of protecting the land rights, property rights and political rights of the aboriginal people of the land. He knew many languages including Burmese, Manipuri, Chingfau, Khamati, Miching, Deuri, Nakte etc. He wandered about in various parts of the land for business purposes, although he did not deviate from his original goal. He maintained cordial relations with various races, tribes, chiefs and princes of this large region. Apart from his home state, he was also involved in social welfare and development work with social workers in Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Chikim, Nagaland, Meghalaya and other areas.

Finally, Prince Lankeshwar Gohain died on March 6, 1973, at his residence in Sarudirak.  0 0 0


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  1. Lankeshwar Gohain was a worthy great-grandson of the Matak king Swargadeo Sarbananda Singh, the founder of the Bengmara kingdom.



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