Raghav Maran-Brief Life Sketch


Raghav Maran-Brief Life Sketch


Raghav Maran-Brief Life Sketch

Raghav Maran

Raghav Maran-Brief Life Sketch

Raghav Maran was the Chief Leader of the Mowamoriya Public Revolt against the oppressive Ahom rule towards the downfall of the Ahom dynasty. It is noteworthy that this revolution took place twenty years before the famous French Revolution

Raghav Maran, the son of an ordinary peasant, defeated the large royal force by some untrained civilians armed with sticks, bows and arrows. Such incidents are very rare in world history.

At Raghav’s call, all the people, irrespective of caste and creed woke up and came out in groups. This incident proved that he was a universally accepted leader. The siege of monarchies around the state, the formation of revolutionary forces, the use of guerrilla tactics in warfare etc. showed Raghav’s immense organizational skills and military prowess. His liberal democratic ideals were also reflected in the fact that he gave royal status to the Ahom king Lakshi Singh though he was captured by the revolutionary forces of Raghav Maran. He gave the death penalty to the big enemies only and forgave all the minor offenders. 

Therefore, this heroic leader would continue to be relevant as a pioneer in building a society without discrimination for all classes. 0 0 0

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