Handsome is that Handsome Does-Amplification


Handsome is that Handsome Does-Amplification

Handsome is that Handsome Does-Amplification

Handsome is that Handsome Does

Handsome is that Handsome Does-Amplification

‘Handsome is that handsome does’ – is a popular proverb. This proverb means that physical beauty alone cannot make a man beautiful. 

Virtue makes a man beautiful. Physical beauty is not the real quality of a man. Virtue depends on good deeds. The test of goodness is not what one sees but what one does. A person who does good deeds is a truly beautiful man what might be his outward appearance.

Beauty is a good thing there is no doubt. We all like beautiful things. We look for beauty. Everyone likes handsome humans. But if a beautiful or handsome man does act ugly, we hate him. On the other hand, if an ugly person’s mind is noble and honest and he does a good job, we love him. A man should not be judged by his outward appearance but by his quality and character. A good person is one who does good things.

Man’s physical form is created by God and man has no hand in it. So a man cannot be given credit for looking beautiful. But if a man tries, then he can make his character good and work well. Again physical beauty does not last long but virtue is everlasting and pays off in the long run. The outward appearance is soon forgotten but great works shine forever.

We should not judge people or things outwardly. Things are not always what they look like. Many beautiful fruits have bitterness and many flowers have poisonous insects. Gold looks bright and is valuable because it is a very useful metal. Not every shiny-looking metal is as useful as gold and, therefore, is not valued like gold. 

The great men of the world did not become great by their physical beauty but by their great qualities and good deeds.  Socrates was not handsome at all. His presence was not taken into consideration. He did good for the people of the world. Everyone remembers him with love and admiration. Inward beauty is far superior to external beauty. Good works make them really beautiful. We can shine in the world by doing good deeds alone.

Therefore it is an apt proverb with great significance. 0 0 0

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