An Idle Brain Is a Devil’s Workshop-Amplification


An Idle Brain Is a Devil’s Workshop-Amplification

An Idle Brain Is a Devil’s Workshop-Amplification

An Idle Brain Is a Devil’s Workshop

An Idle Brain Is a Devil’s Workshop-Amplification

‘An idle brain is a Devil’s workshop’- is a common saying. This saying indicates that a man without a regular duty is easily inclined to negative thoughts which are often harmful.

The human brain is ever active and it keeps always busy with something. It never knows to stop. When a man is physically busy with something, his brain also revolves around it. For example when a farmer plows his land, then his brain keeps thinking about seeds, crops, weather, loss, gain,  harvesting, watering etc. Likewise, a teacher keeps busy with his job and his brain keeps thinking about his students, books, plans, teaching method, future courses etc. Thus a regular duty keeps one busy not only physically but also mentally. It is seen that most crimes are committed by those youths who are out of regular duties and spend their hours roaming about here and there or staying elsewhere without work.

But if a man does not have any regular duty and spends his hours in idleness, then myriad thoughts and feelings come to his brain spontaneously over which he has little control. But most of the thoughts which come spontaneously to our brain are negative (bad)  which may harm us. When bad thoughts take over our brains, we are no longer humans; we become Satan. So an idle brain can be regarded as a devil’s workshop that produces only destructive ideas and plans. 0 0 0


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