French Proverbs


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French Proverbs

French Proverbs

French Proverbs

  1. Paris was not built in a day!
  2. It is better to prevent than to cure.
  3. All’s well that ends well.
  4. The future will tell.
  5. Every fool is pleased with his own folly.
  6. One who takes it slow and steady travels far.
  7. All things come to those who wait.
  8. The one who has land has quarrels.
  9. There is no substitute for experience.
  10. All that glitters is not gold.
  11. Like for like.
  12. Beggars cannot be choosers.
  13. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
  14. He also drinks the burnt buttermilk of milk by blowing it.
  15. Give some and keep the rest.
  16. Nobody changes the winning team.
  17. One who does not move forward moves backward.
  18. When one does not have what he loves, he must love what he has.
  19. No one is so deaf as does not want to hear.
  20. The bird slowly builds its nest.
  21. Once you have taken the first step, there is no turning back.
  22. You pay for your mistakes.
  23. Like father like son.
  24. Silence means consent.
  25. He who laughs last laughs best.
  26. Don’t judge a book by its cover.
  27. Other times, other customs.
  28. Time is money.
  29. Everyone sees things in their own way.
  30. Every cloud has a silver lining.
  31. Small streams from big rivers.
  32. You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.
  33. Better late than never.
  34. Slow and steady wins the race.
  35. Walls have ears.
  36. Impossible is not French.
  37. Nothing should be left to chance.
  38. There is no smoke without fire.
  39. Better safe than sorry.
  40. He who steals an egg will steal an ox.
  41. Birds of a feather flock together.
  42. Don’t wake up the sleeping cat.
  43. Man always goes back to his roots.
  44. Don’t jump to conclusions in haste.
  45. Don’t try to do two things at once.
  46. The big fish eats the small fish.
  47. To kill two birds with one stone. 0 0 0.

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