Football-My Favourite Game-An Essay


Football-My Favourite Game-An Essay

Football My Favourite Game

Football My Favourite Game

Football-My Favourite Game-An Essay

The activities that people take for the purpose of entertainment and physical exercise are termed as ‘sports’. Playfulness is a human instinct. Everyone enjoys playing. Sports are prevalent in almost every society of the human tribe. There are different types of games. Some games are played indoors and there are some games that are played outdoors. Some games require two players and some games require several players. I enjoy playing outdoor games. I enjoy playing volleyball, cricket, kabaddi, running etc. Among them, football is my favourite one.

Football is one of the most popular games in the world. This game is played between two teams with a ball. Each team consists of eleven players. Football requires a large playground. The team that scores more goals becomes the winner. 

The modern game of football is said to have originated in England. The rules and regulations of modern football were established in England in 1863 AD. However, there is evidence that such a game was introduced in ancient China under the name ‘Kuju’. The word ‘kuju’ means kicking a ball. In this game, any part of the body could be used except the hand. In the game, the ball had to be thrown into a net. But today’s football game is different from its rules and regulations.

The game of football has been gaining popularity in the world since the nineteenth century and it has risen to the top of popularity in the twentieth century. Due to its international popularity, the ‘International Federation of Football’ (FIFA) was established in Paris, France in 1904. It conducts current football competitions in the world. The motto of this organization is, “For the sake of the game, for the sake of the world.” 

Football is a popular game because it is exciting. The spectators watch this game and feel solidarity with the players. Playing football is a form of physical exercise. In addition to this, international football competitions promote international understanding, brotherhood, cooperation and so on.

We should love and practice this game. 0 0 0

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