The Pen-An Essay


The Pen-An Essay

The Pen -An Essay

The Pen-An Essay

The Pen-An Essay

A pen is a tool for writing. No one can say exactly when or where the pen was invented, although there is evidence that the pen as a writing tool was first used in ancient Greece. 

There are different types of pens like fountain pens, ball pens, pencils, wood pencils, feather pens, reed pens, chisel pens etc. Among these varieties of pens, the chisel pen is thought to be very ancient. From the beginning of the art of writing, people used a sharpened piece of metal as a pen and used it to inscribe or cut deep various information or knowledge on a rock or a hard flat object. After the discovery of paper or paper-like objects such as papyrus, bark, animal skins etc. people resort to using sharpened pens. There is clear evidence of the use of a reed pen in ancient Egypt. The dominance of the reed pen in the history of human civilization is long. This genre of pen was widely used, probably from 1500 BC to the 19th century. A reed pen was made of the reeds. 

After the reed pen, another type of pen was introduced called ‘the feather pen’. This type of pen was made with the feather of some birds of prey, especially the feather of an eagle, hawk, heron etc. Evidence of the use of the feather pen in India is visible till the first half of the twentieth century.

Reed pen, chisel pen and feather pen are the types of pens used in the ancient and middle ages. In the nineteenth century, there was a new addition to the world pen. In 1884, Louis Waterman, an American engineer, made a type of pen called ‘fountain pen’. The head of such a pen is made of metal and the inside of the pen is filled with ink. The invention of the fountain pen has made writing much easier and more convenient. The modern era, in the history of the pen, begins with the invention of the fountain pen. Following the fountain pen, different types of pens were invented. Among them, the ball pen or dot pen is now the most popular and widely used pen. 

The pens are available in a variety of colours, such as: red, white, sapphire, green, black, purple etc. The length of the pen is usually six inches, although a pen of three inches in length is available in the market. Recently, a ball-pen of twelve inches long has come on the market. 

The contribution of the pen to the history of human civilization is immense. It is said that the development of human civilization began with the introduction of the pen. This is because the pen helps to record past knowledge and experiences for future generations.  

The keyboard of the computer now occupies the place of the pen to a large extent although the use and relevance of the pen have been not completely lost. 0 0 0

The Pen-An Essay

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The Pen-An Essay

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The Pen-An Essay

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