Cowards Die Many Times Before Their Death-Amplification


Cowards Die Many Times Before Their Death-Amplification

Cowards Die Many Times Before Their Death-Amplification

Cowards Die Many Times Before Their Death

Cowards Die Many Times Before Their Death-Amplification

‘Cowards die many times before their death’ is read as a popular proverb. William Shakespeare is credited to be the maker of this popular saying. It is often quoted to mean the worthlessness of a cowardly person.

In our day-to-day life, we meet some people who are afraid to take risks in life. They are always afraid of loss and death. They have no courage to face danger and want to keep themselves away from it. They are timid. They have no mental strength and enthusiasm. They are mentally dead although they are physically alive. They easily pick up threats and scare them. So they always avoid working for fear of facing failure. But success in life comes through labour which they can hardly realize. The more hard our labour is the more victorious we become.

On the other hand, the brave are not afraid of danger and hard labour. They take all t threats and challenges and instead of running away from them, they jump in and fight bravely to be victorious. Such an attitude makes their life great and sweeter. Fear of death never works in them. They embrace death, if it comes, with a smiling face.

It is an idealistic theory of life. We must accept the conditions of life courageously and at the same time, we should act wisely and cautiously. It is prudent to guide oneself not by the impulse of emotion but by logic and intelligence.

These lines indicate that men who are afraid to face the circumstances of life are cowards.  They suffer the agony of death many times in their imaginations before their actual death. 0 0 0

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