Nabin Chandra Sarma-Brief Life Sketch


Nabin Chandra Sarma-Brief Life Sketch

Nabin Chandra Sarma-Brief Life Sketch

Nabin Chandra Sarma-Brief Life Sketch

Nabin Chandra Sarma-Brief Life Sketch

Nabin Chandra Sarma (1938-) was a researcher of folk literature and culture of Assam and a prolific prose writer. He was born in Hazarikapara village in Chipajhar of   Darang district. After completing his primary education in his hometown, he passed the entrance examination from Chipajhar High School. After that, he took a B.Sc. degree from Arya Vidyapeeth College. Then he passed M. A. from Guwahati University and got an appointment at the same university and retired as a professor of Folk Culture from there.

Nabin Chandra Sarma authored a number of books on Assamese folk-lore and folk-culture. He revived the defunct Ujapali program in Assam by writing and publishing a book titled ‘Asomor Ujapali. Dr. Nabin Chandra Sarma travelled to California, USA in search of folklore. He authored and edited 96 books, including folk and old literature. Some of the books written by him are– Asomiya Sahityar Alok Rekha, Asomiya Bhasha Aru Sahityar Ruparekha, Purani Asomiya Sahityar Alok Rekha, Asomiya Pachali Sahitya, Asomiya Lok Sanskritir Avash, Asomor Ujapali etc. The notable books he edited are Daranga Raajabansawali, Adi Dasham, Siva Purana, Kalika Purana, Asomia Madvagawat Geeta etc. 

In recognition of his literary services, Navin Chandra Sarma received Durgabar Barkatki Award, Sitanath Brahma Chowdhury Award, Bharatiya Bhasha Sahitya Award, Srimanta Sankardev Research Award, and Silpi Gandharam Bayan Award. In addition to these, he received the honours like Emeritus Fellowship, Member of Assam Sahitya Sabha Mahiyan, and Literary Pension. 0 0 0

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