Better Alone Than in a Bad Company-Amplification


Better Alone Than in a Bad Company-Amplification

Better Alone Than in a Bad Company-Amplification

Better Alone Than in a Bad Company-Amplification

‘Better alone than in a bad company’ – is a popular proverb and it is said to indicate the evil effects of bad companies.

Man cannot remain alone. A person needs company to get rid of loneliness and solitude. Bad companions can also overcome our loneliness. His words or suggestions may seem good in times of loneliness. But his company should tie us to the worst of things. They can take us on the wrong path. When a good company is not available, it is better to be alone. At this stage, we can get help by reading books, traveling or listening to music. Bad partners are never acceptable to overcome our loneliness.

So we should be very cautious in selecting friends.  0 0 0

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