Benefits of Fruits-An Essay


Benefits Of Fruits-An Essay

Benefits of Fruits-An Essay

Benefits of Fruits-An Essay

Benefits of Fruits-An Essay

This blue planet of ours by the name of Earth is the only planet in this infinite mysterious universe that bears all the conditions of a favourable atmosphere for life. It is coloured and enriched with lots of trees and beings. For our food and taste, Nature has gifted us with many kinds of fruit trees among which some common fruits are, papaya, mango, peach, litchi, apple, grapes, pear, letuka, coconut, jack fruit and so on. We eat all these fruits with much taste and eagerness as they are delicious to eat. But besides, being delicious, fruits have a lot of benefits for health and the mind.  Let us enumerate some of the benefits that we get from the various  kind of fruits  

First, if we are planning to adopt a healthy lifestyle, fruits would be our obvious choice. Whether it is for losing excess weight or embracing a vibrant lifestyle full of energy, fruits are inevitable.

Secondly, Fruits along with their high nutritious value and soluble dietary fibre have 80 percent water content. And as we all know, water is essential for good health. Very often, we do not consume the required or recommended quantity of water i.e. about seven to eight glasses, which can be fulfilled by including fruits in your diet.

Thirdly, fruits contain many antioxidants like Vitamin C and anthocyanins that protect the body from many diseases and also help in improving your immunity level. In fruits, there is the presence of many minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients that help in keeping your body healthy.

Fourthly, fruit components, as mentioned above, not only protect our bodies against diseases but also work as anti-aging agents. They help rejuvenate the cells and tissues, hence we can delay the process of aging with the help of antioxidants that we find in fruits.

Fifthly, fruits form the very basic component of the diet recommended for weight loss. Fruits do not contain calories nor fat but contain simple forms of sugar. Different fruits like watermelon, grapes and many berries have a high water content that also helps as fillers. Other fruits like papaya and banana help in improving digestion. One of the best fruit for weight loss is the apple. If we eat an apple every day while following our normal weight loss diet, we will soon see the difference.

Sixthly, eating fruits every day makes our skin glowing and beautiful. Many fruits like apple, papaya, lemon, banana, orange, and avocados bestow you with healthy glowing skin. Some of these fruits can also be used as ingredients for a face mask.

Seventhly, during pregnancy, fruits provide a healthy source of nutrients for the complete development of the baby in the womb. Fruits contain nutrients like folic acid, which is essential for the development of a baby’s brain and spine and Vitamin C, which is crucial for shaping tissues, blood vessels, skin, muscles and other organs of the fetus. 

Eighthly, fruits are natural medicines to fight against or reduce the chances of many diseases like heart disorders and diabetes.

There is no end to the benefits of fruits to our bodies and mind. We should be mind to eat plenty of seasonal fruits to keep us healthy, wealthy, active and happy. 0 0 0

Benefits of Fruits-An Essay

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Benefits of Fruits-An Essay

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Benefits of Fruits-An Essay

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