Amusement | Entertainment-An Essay


Amusement | Entertainment-An Essay

Amusement | Entertainment-An Essay


Amusement | Entertainment-An Essay

Introduction: ‘Amusement is a provision of entertainment that makes us forget boredom after labour and makes our body and mind relaxed. Entertainment gives us joy, new strength and health.

Types of Amusement: Everyone wants amusement. There are different types of amusement like sports, cinema, circus, music etc. Amusement like cricket, football, horse riding, and swimming gives us happiness and health. Entertainments like cinema, circus, and cards bring us joy and relax our minds. Rural entertainment varies from city entertainment.

Importance of Amusement: The world is full of care and concerns. We have to struggle hard in life. But if we keep working without rest, we cannot work long. Our work will not interest us. Life will become dull. Our work cannot be done properly. We are not machines. Our health will be broken. Entertainment restores our health and gives us new strength. So entertainment is equally essential as work. After hard work, we need a rest and some entertainment. Entertainment breaks the monotony of work and we relax our minds and body. Entertainment removes our cares and concerns and gives us new energy and we can work hard again with more interest. So entertainment makes life enjoyable and happy.

Good Amusement and Bad Amusement: There are good amusement and bad amusement. Flawless and healthy entertainment gives us happiness and health. Bad entertainment like alcohol, gambling etc. can give us happiness for the time being but they spoil our health and weaken our character. Good entertainment is necessary for everyone, but bad entertainment should be carefully avoided.

Conclusion: Students should have impeccable and healthy entertainment. Indoor games make us happy and relax our minds. Outdoor sports also make our bodies strong. Too much entertainment is not good. We must be careful that entertainment cannot harm us. 0 0 0

Amusement | Entertainment-An Essay

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Amusement | Entertainment-An Essay

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Amusement | Entertainment-An Essay

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