Vision | Vision-Figure of Speech


Vision | Vision-Figure of Speech

Vision-Figure of Speech

Vision Vision-Figure of Speech

Vision | Vision-Figure of Speech

Vision is a figure of speech by which a speaker or a writer, in relating something past, or in describing some anticipated future, employs the present tense instead of the past or future, and thus makes it appear as if the event were actually happening before his eyes. Examples:

  1. I seem to behold this great city, the ornament of the earth and the capitals of all nations, suddenly involves in one conflagration. I see before me the slaughtered heaps of citizens lying unburied in the midst of the ruined country. –Cicero
  2. The sack and carnage of Delhi last from three o’clock in the morning until three afternoons. The streets echo with the shouts of brutal soldiery, and with the cries and shrieks of the inhabitants. The atmosphere reeks with blood. The houses are set on fire, and hundreds perish in the flame. The husbands kill their wives and then destroy themselves. –Wheeler’s India.
  3. Pride in their port, defiance in their eye

I see the lords of humankind pass by. –Goldsmith.

  1. Even now, methinks, as pondering here I stand

I see the rural virtues leave the land. – Goldsmith. 0 0 0.

Vision | Vision-Figure of Speech

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