Simile| Simile Meaning, Definition, Illustration


Simile| Simile Meaning, Definition, Illustration

Simile Simile Meaning, Definition, Illustration

Simile| Simile Meaning, Definition, Illustration

Simile| Simile Meaning, Definition, Illustration

The word ‘simile’ comes from the Latin word ‘similis’ which means likeness. A simile is an explicit statement of likeness between two different things or actions. It consists of placing two different things side by side and comparing them with regard to some features common to both. For example,

Rajen is as ferocious as a tiger.

In this statement, ‘Rajen’ is compared to a ‘tiger’. Here ‘Rajen’ and ‘tiger’ are two different things but are alike in possessing one characteristic in common, namely ‘ferocity’. A simile is always introduced by such words as like, as, so, as as, etc.

Look at the following statement:

‘Rekha is as kind as Radha’.

In this statement, the comparison is made between Rekha and Radha. This is not a simile, but only a comparison because Rekha and Radha are of the same kind (human being). To be a simile the comparison must be made between two different (dissimilar) things and the point of similarity between the two things compared must be clearly stated.

There is no restriction to the use of similes in poetry as poetry is abstract in quality and plays on emotion rather than factual reality and emotion can be better elaborated by similes and other figures of speech. On the other hand, any prose work especially an essay-type composition is concrete and informative that emphasizes on presenting factual reality. So to keep up the concreteness of facts and information in any prose composition, we should make sparing use of similes. Otherwise, the prose work may lose its factual reliability. Again to say that prose writers should use similes in such a way that no harm is done to the content if the similes are cut down.

More examples:

  1. My pen is like the hammer of the hand of a blacksmith

I build words striking with it

It is as sharp as the blade of the plough of a peasant

In its furrow is the Sita of gold

It is as  rough as the saw of a carpenter

I draw out the bloody words of experience by cutting the fiber of hardwood,

My words are as target-piercing as the arrow of the bow of a Sautal youth

They became excited with blood and flesh and wish

Some of them are as high as the hills,

Some of them are as obedient as the river,

Some of them are as deep as the lake

They obey the command of none.

I am the poet of the great continent carved with rivers and mountain

The world is my poetry. (Hiren Bhattacharya)

  1.  Like a child from the womb, like a ghost from the tomb

      I arise and unbuild it again. –Shelley

  1. Drive my dead thoughts over the universe like withered leaves to quicken a new birth. –Shelley.
  1.  Life is as tedious as a twice-told tale. –Shakespeare.
  2. We drop like the fruits of a tree. –Meredith
  3.  The sky was like the painting drawn by a child deep blue from the top to the bottom.
  4.  The breeze was whispering through the leaves of trees like a chorus.
  5.  Her lips pressed mine that felt as soft as the velvety rose petal.
  6. In the study, Ram is as slow as a turtle on muddy ground.
  7. His skin felt like grains of sand.
  8. She seemed sweet as candy.
  9. Silima is as pretty as a picture.
  10. Her skin was like milk.
  11. As the crackling of thorns under a pot, so is the laughter of a fool.

16. Dating is like getting a pair of new shoes when you first get them, you want to wear them all the time. And when you see another pair of shoes you like, you slowly mistreat the old one.

  1. Huge waves like white foamy water.
  2. The cloud was fluffy like cotton wool.
  3. Her cheek was as slippery as an eel.
  4. As quick as the wink, he dashed for the field.
  5. She works like a horse.
  6. He moves like a snail.
  7. She eats like a pig.
  8. Friends are like chocolate cakes.
  9. He is as quick as flash.
  10. She felt the raindrops as small kisses on her face.
  11. The baby is a perpetual motion machine.
  12. The news was more shocking than a thousand volts of electricity.
  13. It was darker than a moonless night.
  14. Travelling to other countries is like trying on other lives.
  15. Getting dressed is more complicated than a rocket launch.
  16. It was as unpleasant as a dose of cough medicine.
  17. Her skin is softer than a puppy’s fur.
  18. She seems as quiet as a mouse.
  19. Raindrops were like drumbeats on the roof.
  20. It was as short as a piece of grass.
  21. The kitchen looks like a battlefield.
  22. Mary is like a bulldozer.
  23. She is like an opinionate volcano.
  24. The encyclopedia is like gold mines.
  25. Come like a hot knife through butter.
  26. Writing poetry is like bungee jumping.
  27. Talent is like being born with blue eyes.
  28. A dancer is like water.
  29. Water is like spring.
  30. Spring is like fire.
  31. Fire is like inspiration.
  32. Inspiration is like a shooting star.
  33. Leaves are like old people.
  34. Old people are like vegetables.
  35. Vegetables are like medicine.
  36. Happiness is like a ‘butterfly’ (short-lived).
  37. School is like a circus.
  38. Her nose is like a hook.
  39. It is as harmless as a dream.
  40. Your teeth were as useless as an old cycle tyre.
  41. Her tears flow like a river in flood.
  42. Her face was red like an apple.
  43. The sky seems green as grass
  44. Small like a crumb (a portion of bread)
  45. His hands and feet were as comely as the leaves of a mango sapling.
  46. Her two breasts looked like the belly of a pregnant goat.
  47. The sea waves glitter like diamonds under the sunlight.
  48. The water like a witch’s oils burnt green and blue and white. –Coleridge. 0 0 0.

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