Tree Plantation-An Essay


Tree Plantation-An Essay 

Tree Plantation-An Essay

Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation-An Essay

It is said that trees are the friends of human beings. Humans, along with other living beings depend on trees for their survival. Without trees, we cannot imagine the existence of life on Earth. Once before human beings, the earth was full of trees. But with the increase in the human population, the number of trees has been decreasing which has had an adverse effect on the lives of humans and animals.

Trees play an important role in ecological balance and by protecting trees and growing more and more trees, we can ensure the balance of the ecosystem.

The planet Earth is home to humans and millions of other terrestrial and aquatic life forms. Earth can sustain all forms of life. Earth has air to breathe for life, as well as water and vegetation to provide us with food.

Plants and trees that grow on Earth are valuable for all life forms. Edible roots stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds are food for humans and all vegetarian animals and birds. We also get necessary things like wood, fuel, shade etc. from trees.

The trees are inhabited by many wild creatures. Birds make their nest in trees. Reptiles and insects also live on trees. The forests are home to many big wild animals like tigers, lions, rhinoceros,s and elephants.

Trees and forests also help maintain the hydrological cycle. They help in maintaining the rainfall pattern and the monsoon cycle. Trees are useful in making the environment pollution-free.

Destroying the forest leads to the accumulation of greenhouse gases, which causes an increase in the temperature of the atmosphere. This leads to the harmful effects of global warming and climate change.

Trees not only provide our food and necessary things but also add charm and beauty to nature and the environment. So we should plant more and more trees and encourage our children to do the same for our own benefit. 0 0 0


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