Science Essay


Science Essay

Science Essay


Science Essay

Science is a systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical world through observation, analysis and experiment. There are three main branches of physical Science, Earth Science and Life Science. Again all these branches of Science have been classified into many sub-branches for better study.

Physical Science studies inanimate natural objects and the laws that govern them.  The physical world includes the Earth where humans and all other living organisms as plants, animals, insects etc.

The study of different parts of the physical world comes under different branches of Science. 

Geology is a science that helps us learn about the Earth and its many layers and their formation. Physics and Chemistry help us understand the surrounding phenomena. For example, the phenomenon of lightning and thunder can be understood from the study of physics and chemistry.

Similarly, the phenomena of light, sound, heat, and electricity have been explained through various theories of physics. 

Chemistry helps us understand various chemical reactions and the products made by it. 

Zoology and botany help us learn about the animals and plants that we see around us. Medicine is also a science that helps us find out how the physiology of man works.

There are different types of instruments that help us in scientific study. Tools help us understand observations and facts by conducting experiments in the real world or in laboratories. Microscopes are devices that help us study very small life forms and invisible life forms such as bacteria.

On the other end, there are telescopes that help us learn more about the heavenly objects in the sky such as stars, planets, and galaxies that are far away from us.

In brief, to say, Science is that vast branch of knowledge studying which we can know the inner truth of things. The impact of scientific knowledge on us is so immense that it has drastically changed our lifestyle and our outlook on life. 0 0 0

Science Essay

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Science Essay

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