Love-An Essay


Love-An Essay 

Love-An Essay

Love-An Essay

Love-An Essay

Love refers to the intense feeling of affection or interest in something.  Love is the highest expression of the human heart. Besides humans, the feeling of love is also present in other beings of nature. 

There are different forms of love as love to man. love to the motherland, love to nature, love to God, love for some concrete thing, love for abstract ideas, etc. In love, one does not see the other’s faults.

Among the different forms of love, the feeling of love for the opposite sex is said to be the extreme form of human love. It is an instinctive feeling of the human heart.

Love for birds and wild animals is another form of love. For love, people domesticate cats, dogs, birds and so on. It is love for which the poets like Wordsworth, Keats, Shelley, Raghunath Choudhuri and many others wrote poems in praise of wild birds.

Love is also felt for nature and the natural environment, including trees, flowers, forests, mountains, rivers etc. We find a heart-touching description of nature and natural objects in the poetry of Rabindranath Tagore, Rudyard Kipling, Shakespeare and so on.

There is another form of love which is called patriotism. It is the love for one’s motherland. For the love to the motherland, some people even sacrifice their lives.

The love of God is the highest form of love. He who loves God becomes a devotee to Him and practise some religious creeds and rituals and becomes inspired to lead a pious and virtuous life.

Love does not require any grand deeds for its manifestation. Love can be shown in small things. We can also express love in thoughts and words.

We express the love between humans in different ways in different relationships. Parents love their children.  The love of parents for their children is selfless. Parents love their children without any expectations. Children also love their parents very much.

In a family, members love each other. This creates harmony and joy in the family. Brothers and sisters love each other. There may be small differences between brothers and sisters in a family, but love binds siblings very strongly together. In marriage too, it is love that keeps husband and wife together in harmony and happiness.

We also shared love between friends. Good friends are well-wishers with whom a person shares thoughts and feelings. This is how friends share a relationship of love and happiness.

To conclude, it is to say that in matters of love, we should be sincere and honest. 0 0 0

Love-An Essay

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Love-An Essay

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