Transportation: Old and Modern


 Transportation: Old and Modern

Transportation Old and Modern

Transportation: Old and Modern

Transportation: Old and Modern

Introduction: ‘Transport’ means sending goods and people from one place to another. Nowadays there are many means of transport such as cars, bikes, trains, ships, aeroplanes etc.  

Old Systems: In the olden days, people had to carry luggage on their heads or backs if they wanted to go from one place to another. Gradually people from different countries used horses, camels and elephants for transportation. The camel is called the ‘ship of the desert’. Still, in Greenland, the Eskimos use dogs and trains drawn by reindeer. Their dogs carry tents and other items as there are no horses for drawing carts. The kings and nobles travel on elephant and horseback or used sedans carried by men called ‘bearers’. After the invention of wheels, the main means of transport became vehicles such as bullock carts and buffalo carts. Boats were used on the seas and rivers. The old methods of conveyance were slow and inconvenient.

Modern System: In modern times, steam, electricity and petrol engines have made a major change in the history of transportation. Better transport has become possible not only on land but also on water and air.  According to certain timetables, a lot of things are moved from one to another by means of modern systems of transportation. 

Motor cars, steamships, railways and aeroplanes have made the modern transportation system faster and easier. Motor vehicles move quickly. Buses are commonly used to transport passengers. Motor, truck and lorry carry goods from one place to another at a cheaper rate. During the war, trucks are used to transport troops, provisions and materials to various places. Railways have helped in the development of trade and commerce also. More food and passengers can be transported from one place to another via the railways. Railways are used a lot during famines and wars. All major cities have tramways. The aeroplane is the biggest surprise in this era of miracles. It is a flying machine. It covers long distances in a very short time. 

Conclusion: Modern means of transport are far better than the old ones. There is no doubt that modern means of transport are faster, cheaper, easier and more comfortable. But they are not without risk.  Sometimes they lead to serious accidents. We should take every step to avoid the drawbacks of modern transport systems. 0 0 0

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