The Prize Distribution Day at My School Essay


The Prize Distribution Day at My School Essay

The Prize Distribution Day

The Prize Distribution Day at My School

The Prize Distribution Day at My School 


 A Memorable Day of My Life Essay

The Annual Prize Distribution Day of the last year is a memorable day of my school life. The Prize Distribution Day is always the happiest day for us in school. The Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony of the last year was held on the 7th of November 2011.

On the morning of the day, the students of the school gathered on the school campus and decorated the school building. The school gate was painted and a special gate was constructed to welcome the guests and visitors. A spacious pandel was built for the ceremony. Local guardians and distinguished persons were invited. The function was begun at 1 p. m. The Principal of our school presided over the function. Most guests came on time. The local M. L. A. also gave his gracious presence. The ceremony was opened with an opening song. After this, the principal read out the Annual Report of the school. The boys and girls who stood first in the song competition were asked to sing again to entertain the visitors. After this, the principal requested the chief guest to give away the prizes.

The principal read out the names of the prize winners. They came one by one and received their respective prizes from the hand of the chief guest. 

The day was especially memorable day for me because I got three prizes. One was received for being first in the debate competition; one for securing the highest mark in the school and the other for extempore speech.

At 4 p. m., the prize distribution was over and the chief guest delivered a laudable lecture addressing the students which inspired us all to maintain discipline in every walk of life. The local M. L. A. also gave a brief but praiseworthy lecture emphasizing on the necessity of moral lessons in education. After this, the President gave a concluding speech encouraging the students to try their best to win prizes the next year.

At 6 p. m. the ceremony came to an end. Everybody may forget the day, but I will remember it forever.

The Prize Distribution Day at My School Essay

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The Prize Distribution Day at My School Essay

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