Responsibilities of Students | Duties of Students


Responsibilities of Students | Duties of Students

Responsibilities of Students Duties of Students

Responsibilities of Students| Duties of Students

Responsibilities of Students


Duties of Students

The children who go to school or any educational institute with the sole aim of acquiring knowledge and building themselves as responsible citizens of their motherland are called Students. Student life is the best part of a man’s life. It is the period of pursuing knowledge with devotion. The life of a student is usually free from all worries, anxieties, wants and troubles faced by a grown-up man.

Though the foremost aim of a student is to devote him to studying for acquiring knowledge and ways of living, yet he has some other social responsibilities as follows:

It is said that today’s students are the citizens of tomorrow. They are the future leaders, administrators, philosophers, social workers, Parliamentarians etc. of the country. To become such a leader proper education is necessary for them. Along with acquiring knowledge, the students should have some political responsibilities. But there are some people who do not like any kind of involvement of students in politics. They argue that students should not be associated with political activities. But they are wrong- as the students of today are the citizens of tomorrow, so they must have a certain political background. They must prepare themselves with some political views and knowledge. In a democratic country like ours, future leaders will come out of the student community. So our students must acquaint themselves with political events. They need some training and an understanding of politics. The theoretical knowledge of politics will develop a sense of patriotism and a sense of consciousness of their responsibilities to the country. But it is harmful if the students involve themselves in practical politics.

Besides this, the greater duty of the students is the duty to society.  Social service, nowadays, is considered as a part of education. It develops in him a sense of humanity. In the holidays, groups of students can go to the interior villages to do some services for the welfare of society. They may come out to improve the roads, cleanse the temples; public tanks etc. Social service enables the students to realize the dignity of labour.

Thus the students should have duties towards society and the country besides their first duty. 0 0 0 


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