Television | Television Essay


Television | Television Essay

Television Essay

Television | Television Essay

Introduction: Television is a modern invention of science. It is a chief means of entertainment as well as the easiest means of communication. On television, we can see and enjoy events along with speeches taking place somewhere in the world.

Origin and Functions: Television was invented by an English scientist named John Baird in 1925. There are two types of television as black- white and colouring.  It is a very strong means of communication as it broadcasts news, cinemas, songs and many other branches of entertainment. In preaching advertisements, it plays an important role.  In building public opinion, it plays a significant role.

In some countries, governments have undertaken a new policy to spread education through television.  It is hoped that the education spread through television would enable the young generation to face the complexity of the present-day world with much skill and enthusiasm.

Its Bad Effects: As almost all the inventions of science bear both good and bad sides so does television also. many times television exhibits false news and rumours which bewilder its spectators.  Moreover, all the news is not always impartial. Many programmes are run on television but all the programmes don’t suit everybody. So some amount of carefulness should be maintained while enjoying the programmes. The students should watch those programmes only which are suited to their age and mind. They should not use it as a mere means of entertainment. in addition to these, too much watching of television is harmful both to the eyes and mind.

Conclusion: Television is a necessary thing in the civilized world. But we should use it avoiding its bad effects. 0 0 0

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