The Natural Beauty of Assam-An Essay


The Natural Beauty of Assam-An Essay

The Natural Beauty of Assam-An Essay

The Natural Beauty of Assam

The Natural Beauty of Assam

Introduction: Assam, a north-eastern state of India is full of natural beauty. The mother goddess has created Assam with all the charm, tenderness and delicacy of mesmerizing beauty. In the plains and hills, in the lakes and rivers, in the woods and forests of Assam, there is an abundance of bewitching beauty. 

The Beauty of the Hills and Mountains: There is beauty in all the hills and mountains of Assam. They seem more beautiful and charming in the morning sunlight. In the winter, the snow-capped mountains are covered with white sheets. The Karbi-Anglong hills in the middle of Assam also bear a glimpse of the alluring beauty. Similarly, Guwahati, the capital of Assam, is surrounded by mountains from all sides. From the top of the hill, the city of Guwahati looks like a ribbon of glittering light. 

The Beauty of the Plains: Though Assam is a hilly state, the Brahmaputra and Barak valleys of Assam produce a wide variety of crops. The paddy fields look golden in the month of Aghun. When the ripened paddy and wheat dances in the wind our hearts experience a heavenly pleasure. 

The Beauty of Rivers of Assam: Assam is a land of innumerable rivers and rivulets. The Brahmaputra and its tributaries inundate the plains of Assam during the rainy season. It also creates over-flood and causes considerable havoc to the land and property of the Assamese. But the rippling sound of water gives mysterious joy and pleasure. Boat racing is held on the rivers of Assam during the rainy season. The boatmen sing various songs which add melody to the natural beauty of Assam. 

The Beauty Woods and Forest: Assam is the land of woods and forests. The forest occupies 30% of the land. The forests are the home of various species of trees, shrubs, reeds etc. These trees have contributed immensely to natural resources as well as to the beauty of Assam. In the northern Himalayan plateau, there are many species of trees, such as gomeri, sonaru, teak, shishu, shimlu, saal etc. which look tremendous to our eyes. In the same way, the rows of saal trees that stretch across the plains on the southern bank of the Brahmaputra River of Assam attract tourists who are thirsty for beauty.

The Beauty of Different Seasons: There are six seasons in Assam: summer, rainy, monsoon, autumn, winter and spring. These seasons are characterized by their respective beauty. The beauty of Assam in summer and monsoon is incomparable though autumn brings a novelty to the natural beauty of Assam. During autumn the sky is clear and blue. Fruits like mango, jackfruit, orange, letuka, coconut etc. give new impetus to the hearts of the Assamese. The beauty of spring in Assam is heavenly and brings us new enthusiasm to our bodies and mind. During this season, the trees become more and more charming with new leaves. A large variety of flowers such as rose, tamarisk, narcissus, kapau etc. blossom abundantly in the hills and plains of Assam. During spring many species of birds like the cuckoo, nightingale, robin and some other birds appear in nature. These add a new melody to the beauty of Assam with their respectful songs. 

Special Places of Natural Beauty in Assam: Assam bears a lot of natural beauty in its plains and hills though there are some places in Assam whose natural beauty is so captivating that many tourists from outside Assam come to enjoy them. There are several such places, as Kamakhya, Nilachal Hill, Basishtashrm in Guwahati, Agnigarh in Tezpur, Powamakka in Hazo, Dargah Swarip in Goalpar etc. The natural beauty of the surrounding areas of these places is so enchanting that the sadness and fatigue of the humdrum life may instantly be removed by visiting these places. 

Menace to the Beauty of Assam: At present the natural beauty of Assam has been facing the deadly menace of extinction. With the growth of population, people are cleaning off the forests and hills for making abodes and producing crops. As a result, the natural beauty of Assam is being deteriorated. If the people of Assam, are not aware of the need to preserve the natural beauty of Assam, then in the near future, the natural beauty of Assam will disappear forever. 0 0 0

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