Charles Darwin | My Favourite Scientist-An Essay


Charles Darwin | My Favourite Scientist-An Essay

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Charles Darwin My Favourite Scientist-An Essay

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin | My Favourite Scientist

Introduction: I have been interested in reading books since my boyhood. I spent most of my childhood days at my maternal uncle’s house where there was a favourable reading environment. So I got the opportunity to read two or three new books every month. My maternal uncle noticed my interest in reading books and started supplying me with new books. This was how I am accustomed to reading a variety of books. Along with reading books on varied subjects, I had a weakness in reading biographies of famous people. Already I have read out the lives of Einstein, Newton, Planck, Thomas Alva Addison, James Watt, Alfred Nobel etc. All of these scientists have inspired me a lot to move forward in life and each of them is my favourite. However, today I would like to write about one of my favourite scientists. Among these scientists, I have chosen a scientist whose thought and theory have revolutionized the world of human thought. The name of that scientist was Charles Darwin. He is considered the father of the theory of evolution.

Birth and Parentage: Darwin, the father of the Theory of Evolution, was born in 1809 into a traditionally educated family. Darwin’s great-grandfather was Erasmus Darwin. He was a doctor, poet and thinker. Darwin’s great-grandfather from his mother’s side, Josiah Wedgewood, was one of the most talented and famous potters at that time. Robert Darwin, Darwin’s father, was a doctor. By practising medicine, he earned so much wealth that Darwin did not have to work or think about earning a living for the rest of his life. This was why he was able to devote his life to the pursuit of science. In addition, his mother Susana also brought a large amount of money from her father’s house as a dowry. Darwin was the fifth of six children born to Darwin’s father, Robert Darwin. 

Education: Darwin began his education at a local primary school. After a year of study there, Darwin enrolled in a well-known school called the Shrubbery School. While still in school, Darwin focused more on nature studies than on textbooks. Darwin’s family was a family of physicians. Robert Darwin, therefore, enrolled his son, Charles Darwin, in Edinburgh Medical College in 1825 with the intention of teaching him medicine. But Darwin was not interested in medicine because he hated to cut off and dissect the body of a man. During this time he was again attracted to two new things— one is marine life and plants and other geology. Geology in particular had a profound effect on Darwin’s thought.

Marine Voyage and Research: On December 27, 1831, Darwin sailed with Captain Robert Fitzgerald to South America for the purpose of studying biology in an undiscovered inaccessible area.

During this voyage, he had to endure various hardships. The ship was very small and narrow. It was not that the ship was his only problem but also that he faced physical problems also. Symptoms of nausea, vomiting and fever appeared in him. But in the midst of all these problems, he was calmly engaged in his work and finally succeeded in his endeavour. He travelled extensively throughout South America, studying flora, fauna, insects, reptiles and fossils. The most important thing for Darwin was the study of the rocky soils of the Galapagos Islands. That was where he got the answers to all his questions. In the Galapagos Islands, he discovered that there was no similarity between the turtles of one island and that of another island. In the same way, he noticed that there were differences between the birds of the same species on different islands.

Theory of Evolution: Darwin’s voyage to the Galapagos Islands changed his thought completely. He studied the animals in the area and came to the conclusion that the creatures of the earth were constantly fighting for their survival. Sometimes there was fierce competition among them for food. Only the animals that survived in this competition could develop rapidly. Animals that did not possess or develop such special qualities became extinct forever. This resulted in the emergence of a variety of animals of different shapes and sizes from the original animals. This is Darwin’s great and groundbreaking theory of evolution. Darwin expounded this theory of evolution in his famous book, ‘The Origin of Species’. 

Before Darwin developed this new theory of the origin of animals, all the people on earth assumed that it was a celestial force that created the earth and all its creatures at the same time and that the creatures have been the same since the day of creation. But Darwin’s groundbreaking theory of evolution disproved that age-long notion. As a result, Darwin’s theory gave rise to a battle between the clergy on the one hand and the scientists on the other. Darwin’s theory was able to reshape the world of science. 

Conclusion: This great scientist died in 1882 leaving behind him a theory to be much discussed for the next generations. 0 0 0

Charles Darwin | My Favourite Scientist

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Charles Darwin | My Favourite Scientist

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Charles Darwin | My Favourite Scientist

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