The Fruits of Assam-An Essay


The Fruits of Assam-An Essay

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The Fruits of Assam -An Essay

The Fruits of Assam

The Fruits of Assam-An Essay

Assam, a north-eastern Indian state is rich in fruit trees. Assam produces a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Mango, blackberry, jackfruit, litchi, peach, letuka, coconut, betel, pomegranate, amlakhi, outenga, orange etc. are found in number in the plains and hills of Assam. 

Mango is grown in almost all regions of Assam. It is generally cultivated in the districts like Goalpara, Barpeta, Dhuburi, Nalbari, Nagaon, Baksa, Odalguri etc. But most of the mangoes produced in Assam are sour. However, some of the mangoes are sweet and delicious when ripen. Therefore, a large number of mangoes are imported from West Bengal to Assam every year. 

‘Blackberry is a small fruit though it is good for health. In particular, it is considered as a diet for diabetics, asthma and other patients. Blackberry trees grow in abundance in most of the districts of Assam. However, in urban areas of Assam, this type of fruit tree is rarely seen. Some people also make jellies with it.

Jackfruit is one of the delicious fruits of Assam. There are more or fewer jackfruit trees in all the villages of Assam. It is a healthy sweet fruit. Some jackfruits are exported from Assam to other states of India every year. 

Assam produces more or less litchi and letuka. However, the quality of litchi grown in the plains of Assam is sour. Of course, litchi grown in hilly areas is delicious. Letuka grown in Assam is often sour. 

Coconut is one of the most widely grown fruits in Assam. In the districts of Goalpara, Barpeta and upper Assam, coconut tree grows abundantly. The coconuts of Assam are delicious and sweet. In size, it is larger than the coconut produced in other states of India. Some people produce milk from the coconut. Some coconuts from Assam are exported to West Bengal, Shilong, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and other states. 

Assam produces some pomegranates and oranges also, though they are not enough to meet the local need. Moreover, their quality is not good. Therefore, pomegranates and oranges are imported in large numbers from other states of India every year. 

Outenga and amlakhi is found in abundance in the forests of Assam. Assamese people eat amlakhi and outenga with vegetables. Some amount of amlakhi is exported to other states. 

The above fruits are available in Assam though not enough to meet the demand. Assam is a hilly state. Many hills are covered with wild grass and plants. If the Government of Assam comes forward to plant fruit trees in these hills and in the uncultivated lands, Assam will be self-sufficient in fruits.  0 0 0

The Fruits of Assam

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The Fruits of Assam

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The Fruits of Assam

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