The National Festivals of India-Essay


The National Festivals of India 

The National Festivals of India- Essay

The National Festivals of India

The National Festivals of India-Essay

The festival celebrated nationwide is called the ‘National Festival’. In India, many festivals are celebrated of which Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti are considered to be the most significant. The national festivals of India are celebrated in schools, colleges and in some government offices across the country. They play an important role in the lives of their citizens. The celebration of these festivals brings young minds closer to the country in their unique ways and motivates them to work for its betterment and development.

Among the three significant National Festivals of India, Republic Day is one. It is celebrated on the 26th of January every year. It is a day to remind the students of the enforcement of the Constitution of free India. It stirs the hearts of the students with a sense of responsibility for the country. Essay, quiz and debate competitions are held on this day. On this occasion, we commemorate those who drafted the Constitution of India, praised and honoured. Many students also get the opportunity to participate in the nationally organized Republic Day program at Rajpath, New Delhi.

The second national festival of India is Independence Day. It is celebrated on August 15 every year. On Independence Day, we commemorate the heroic deeds of the freedom fighters.  In schools and colleges, the students celebrate it with some cultural programs as Poetry recitation, essay writing competitions, quiz competitions etc. and realize the sacrifices of the freedom fighters.   In some schools and colleges, the students dress up as freedom fighters to celebrate the occasion. Many educational institutions organize kite-flying competitions as a symbol of expressing freedom.

The third national festival of India is the Gandhi Jayanti. We celebrate annually it on the 2nd of October every year, commemorating the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of India. Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869 at Porbandar, Gujrat. He was a freedom fighter, prominent leader and advocate of the Non-violence Policy in gaining a goal. Under his leadership, India got freedom from the hands of the British on August 15, 1947. Considering his contribution to the nation, we hailed him as the ‘Father of India’ and we celebrated his birth anniversary every year as ‘Gandhi Jayanti’.  On this day we see the students dressed as Gandhi. We made speeches in praise of Bapu. Painting, debate, quiz and essay competitions are also held on this day.

Thus,  the celebration of national festivals in schools and colleges inspires students with a sense of patriotism. Students wait for these festivals throughout the year and participate in them enthusiastically. 0 0 0

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