The Love of Piere Abelard and Halesia


The Love of Piere Abelard and Halesia

(Love Story of P Abelard and Halesia

The Love of Piere Abelard and Halesia

Piere Abelard and Halesia

The Love of Piere Abelard and Halesia

The sense of love of a man for a woman and vice versa is an instinct. This instinct is divinely or naturally bestowed upon human beings. Every man or woman, if hale and sound in mind and body, either consciously or unconsciously and either publicly or secretly fall in love at least once in a life with the opposite sex. This sense of love sometimes becomes spiritual, sometimes physical and sometimes both spiritual and physical. There is no dearth of pairs of lovers on this earth. But only a few of those pairs of lovers remain immortal and stand as examples of true love through the ages. It is seen in the history of human civilization that the names of those couple of lovers have been existing immortal who had suffered most in life under the pressure and hindrance of society. Amongst such a few couples of lovers, the names of Pierre Abelard and Helesia are worth mentioning. Their love was first physical and spiritual and thirdly only spiritual. This couple of lovers had suffered a tragic and pathetic life on earth.

Pierre Abelard was born in 1079 in Europe in a middle-class family. From his childhood, he seemed to be a curious boy and hence his parents sent him to school and took him to many well-known teachers and eventually, he became well-versed in philosophy, history, theology and rhetoric. His name as a scholar had been spread far and wide. Whenever he went, a crowd of people followed him, surrounded him and listened to his lectures. Many people became his favourite disciples. He wandered from place to place and delivered his lectures on various topics. He was like a moving university and lines of people came from the nook and corner of Europe and sought knowledge from him.

Once he went to Paris where he established a temporary school to disseminate knowledge to the mass people. There, during his stay in Paris, a man by the name of Phulbert had come to him and requested him to be the tutor to his sister, Halesia. Halesia was a great knowledge seeker. She had already heard the name of Abelard and wished to be his pupil. To meet her wish, her brother Phulbert appointed Abelard as Helesia’s tutor. Phulbert was a well-to-do person and he provided accommodation with him. Phulbert gave him the right to teach his sister, Halesia, at any time and if needed, he allowed Abelard to punish Helesia to make her his obedient student.

During the middle ages, the people that took teaching as a profession had to live a very honest and temperate life. They have to remain unmarried. But the sense of love is a power that none can check and ignore. It is as spontaneous as the flowing of hilly spring and as forceful as the waterfall. Abelard, till this time remained honest and temperate. But when he became the tutor to Halesia, his sense of love for the opposite sex woke up with violence. He fell in love with Halesia. Physically Helesia was too much beautiful, comely, like a blooming lotus and intellectually she was talented like Abelard. On the other hand, Halesia was fascinated by Abelard’s career as a scholar. She met the man of her dream in him. She also fell in love with him. Gradually their love got deepened and much of their time began to spend after the tete-a-tete of love. Their teaching and learning fell short. Mutual kisses took the place of study. The light of wisdom became steady and the twinkling light of love began to shine. It is the sense of love the spirit of which can break even the meditation of the sage. So was what happened to Abelard. He became indifferent to his job of teaching. He often began to keep himself absent from his lectures. He ceased to explain the philosophical problem. Instead, he began to write poetry dealing with the theme of love. Love became his principal matter of practice. Eventually, a sense of love engulfed Abelard from head to foot and a sexual relationship got established between the two.

On a day, after some months, Halesia informed Abelard that she got pregnant by him. He startled! But what has happened cannot be unhappened. Out of fear, he eloped with Helesia to his home. There Halesia gave birth to a he-child.

On the other hand, Phulbert, the brother of Helesia, felt furious. He could not take the case easily. He took it as an insult to the family. So he determined to retaliate against him anyway. One night, Phulbert out of fury hired some ruffians and took them to the abode of Abelard stealthily and going there they caught Abelard and cut off his sex organ. The news of that brutal retaliation spread here and there instantly. Abelard became a moribund of agony and shame. People began to wink at him with hatred. The tragic sufferance of Abelard and Halesia began. Halesia took the veil and became a nun and began to live in a monastery. Abelard also became a monk and built a monastery on the bank of the river of Peraclitt. They began to live in two far-off monasteries. Their physical love transformed into spiritual love. There he devoted himself to the meditation of God. On the other hand, Halesia devoted herself to the spiritual devotion to her husband, Abelard.

They exchanged many letters between them. The letters written by Helesia were full of passion of love for Abelard. In her letters, she unlocked her heart and expressed the inner truth of her psychology concerning love. She revealed in her letters that she had taken the life of a nun not in devotion to God but in devotion to her husband only. She thought that her love for her husband was her only religion. Thus her letters are replete with documents on women’s psychology.

On the other hand, Abelard kept himself busy in penance. He ceased to meet with his disciples and stopped to deliver lectures. There he wrote his autobiography, Historia Calamilatum which is replete with the tales of sorrow and suffering of his life.

The love of a man to a woman is mainly physical and less spiritual but the love of a chaste and honest woman to her husband is more spiritual. While Abelard took the life of a monk he seemed less and less attentive to Helesia and hence Helesia, in many of her letters complained that Abelard loved her only for sexual pleasure. But on the other hand, she loved her for devotion, and while they were separated then her sense of physical love developed into spiritual love the force of which never ceased.

In 1142 Abelard died and after his wish, his body was sent to Helesia and was buried in the monastery of Halesia. After twenty-one years of Abelard’s death, Halesia died and was buried in the same monastery.

Centuries after centuries have been passing, but the love story of Abelard and Helesia remains living. 0 0 0

The Love of Piere Abelard and Halesia 

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The Love of Piere Abelard and Halesia

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