Einstein’s Theory of Relativity


Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

(A Short Story by M. Menonimus)


Einstein's Theory of Relativity

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Mrinal was one of my classmates during my High School life. He came from a peasant family. We passed the H. S. L. C. Examination from the same school in the same year. From his student life, we know him to be a boy with a very sensitive mind. He is very sympathetic to the poor street children and often talks of them and is determined to do something for their betterment. But after passing the Higher Secondary Examination he was compelled to stop pursuing higher education because of poverty. Then as a means of livelihood, he took up screen painting as his job, and by means of it, he has been getting well.

Before taking up his job he underwent an apprenticeship course and developed his skill in this field. Though he was shy in nature, he even did not fall back on getting the pleasure of love-making with girls. But all his affairs with the opposite sex were temporary.  Once he met a beautiful girl named Rina who lived in the out-skirt of the nearby town and fell in love with her.

Nowadays he has taken to enjoy an evening walk off and on with Rina. One evening he, along with Rina, was roaming about and was in a tete-a-tete with her. By the by they took a turn to a new road that was under construction. Going ahead they met some child labourers who were grinding the hills to be used as macadam. All the labourers were under fourteen. Suddenly his mind changed and he began to think about the matter of child labour. He knew well that to use children under fourteen is a crime. The children seemed to be poverty-stricken as they were wearing dirty pants and tattered shirts. He felt that the hammers they used were heavier than their age. He became more and more sensitive to seeing their plight. He suddenly forgot that Rina was with him. He began to notice the way the children were working. The time was late at noon. The sun was leaning quickly towards the west. The hot wind was blowing. All the time Rina was kept standing under a little banyan tree near the road. Mrinal lost within himself as if he was trying to think out a new law to be enforced against the authorities who used the children as labourers instead of sending them to school. His heart filled up with sympathies.

All of a sudden he heard that a child among them has burst out with a whistle and cast an oblique look at Rina; someone began to wink at her; someone began to recite a verse of an amorous song.

Seeing this, Mrinal got exasperated and said addressing the child labourers in disgust, “You deserve the job of grinding stone at the roadside, the bastard, the rubbish.” 0 0 0

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

N.B.  The short story ‘Einstein’s Theory of Relativity’ originally belongs to the book ‘Neha’s Confession and Other Stories’ by Menonim Menonimus.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

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