The Love of Miss Rameresh


 The Love of Miss Rameresh

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(The Love Story of Miss Rameresh)

The Love of Miss Rameresh

The Love of Miss Rameresh

The Love of Miss Rameresh

Love for the opposite sex is an instinct, to say, a gift from nature bestowed upon every living being.  Sometimes, though not often, it is seen that there are some people who are inclined to the same sex—a man to a man or a woman to a woman. The sexual desire for the same sex is called homosex. The sexual desire for the person having the homogenous sexual organ is not only unnatural but also irreligious, immoral, illegal and inhumane. But the nature and instinct of human beings are full of mystery. In humans, there is the nature of both angels and beasts. But, of late, to our surprise, it has come to our knowledge, that there are a few people whose sense of sexual love is inclined neither naturally to the opposite sex nor unnaturally to the homogenous sex, but to beast having the opposite organ. Such a person was Miss Rameresh, a citizen of Mexico, USA. She was a strange lover of beasts and she had fallen in sexual love neither with a man nor with a woman but with a male dog.

She had come from an aristocratic family. Her parents brought her up o maturity with much affection amid comforts and luxury. Her parents bought her a dog to add to her comfort. That dog was a very charming, robust and amiable dog. She called the dog Mr. Jellio, a charming name. Mr. Jellio becomes not only a source of her comfort but her friend also. Wherever Miss Rameresh went, she had the dog in her lap. A boy generally goes to the parks with his beloved to enjoy company, but Miss Rameresh went to parks and tours with no boyfriend but with her Jellio. She became so attached to the dog that she slept with the dog and never went to sleep as long as the dog did not fall asleep.

Rameresh was a very attractive girl about the age of twenty-one. Being fascinated by her attractive physique, many young boys came to her, philandered after her, and offered their love. But she repudiated every offer with vehement anger. She often said, “I don’t love any lad” and pointing and manipulating her hand on the head of the dog she said, “Jellio is my dearest lover”.

On the other hand, her parents were very anxious to give her in marriage. So they have been searching for a suitable groom for her. But one day she says to her parents, vehemently, “I do not want to marry anybody, but if I enter into a marriage bond I will marry my Jellio.”  Her obstinate decision gave her parents mental pain. But they had nothing to do with her decision. Already she had established a sexual relationship with the dog and one day declared publicly that she was going to arrange a ceremony very soon to get married to Mr. Jellio, her dog.

Her love for Jellio, the dog is utterly unnatural, barbarous, illegal, irreligious, inhumane, and immoral. The blood of the beast in her woke up wildly which subdued her blood of angle. Scientifically, the sexual relationship of a man or a woman with a beast is harmful to health. One day or another the sexual relationship with a beast will cause a fatal disease that may sweep away the life before time.

Everybody should abhor this kind of unnatural sexual desire. Otherwise, human civilization would return to primitive barbarism and the peace and order of society will be swept away forever.  0 0 0

The Love of Miss Rameresh

N.B.  The article ‘The Love of Miss Rameresh’ originally belongs to the book ‘Love of Reputed Persons‘ by Menonim Menonimus.

The Love of Miss Rameresh

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