The Honey Bee-An Essay


The Honey Bee-An Essay

The Honey Bee

The Honey Bee

The Honey Bee-An Essay

Introduction: The honey bee is a type of small insect. It is reared by humans for its sweet honey.

Description: It has two wings and six legs. It is golden in colour with dark spots on its body. Its head and eyes are small. It has a sting. 

There are three classes of honey bees. They are drones of male bees, queen bees and workers or honey bees. The last two are made up of women only. 

Nature: Thousands of bees live together in a hive. They store honey in the hives for food. It is very interesting to see how they work. The hive is well maintained. Each hive has a Queen. Only the Queen bee lays eggs. Workers do not lay eggs. Thousands of workers collect honey from flowers and make hives. Some of them are soldier bees and they defend the hive and the queen bee. The queen bee flies about the hive and inspects it.  Drones are passive and do nothing.

The number of working bees is very large. They are active and do all the work. They make a beautiful hive and collect honey. They work from sunrise to sunset and collect honey from flowers. They make the hive into multiple cells. In some of them, the queen bee lay eggs.  Bees are clean and hygienic. They build their hives on trees or in the holes of the earth. When people try to break their hives for honey, they attack with their sting.

Usefulness: Bees are very useful to humans. They give us honey which we eat and use in medicine. Bees make wax and with wax we make candles. People rear bees for honey and wax. Bees are hardworking. We can learn the lesson of hard labour from the bees. 

Conclusion: Of all kinds of bees, the honey bees are the most useful for their honey which is full of healing power for various diseases. We should take care of our pet bees by providing their food crops nearby.  0 0 0

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