The Crow-An Essay


The Crow-An Essay

The Crow-An Essay

The Crow

The Crow-An Essay

Introduction: The crow is a black, ugly and shrewd common bird. They are found almost everywhere on the earth but are mostly seen in tropical countries. 

Description: The craw has two legs with claws, two small but keen eyes and a hard beak.  Generally, two kinds of crows are seen: one is a common crow and the other is called ‘raven’. The common crow is smaller in size and its neck is grey in colour. Its wings, beak and legs all are black. Its voice is harsh.

The raven is larger than the ordinary kind. The feathers of the crow are smooth and shining. Its eyes are very clear.

Food: The crow is a very greedy bird. The crow rises very early. It caws at dawn about our home. All day long it flies about here and there in search of food. It often kills small birds and steals their eggs. It is very cunning. 

It does great harm to us. It is a great thief. It carries away small pieces of food from the hands of children. There is unity among the crows. If one crow is caught, many crows flock there. It builds its nest in a large tree. 

In some countries, the crow is regarded as a bird of ill-omen. If the crow caws at noontime in any man’s house, people believe that some evil will come upon the house.

Usefulness: Though people do not like this bird, it is of some use to us. It caws at dawn about our homes and tells us that it is time to get up. The crow eats rotten food and nasty matter. Thus it helps us to keep the villages and towns clean. In this respect, it is a good sweeper and prevents many diseases.

Conclusion: Like other birds, the crow is also a creature of Nature. Though seemingly, the crow is a less useful bird to us, yet it contributes to the keeping of balance of biodiversity of the natural earth. So we should not be cruel and negligent to this blackbird. 0 0 0

The Crow-An Essay

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The Crow-An Essay

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The Crow-An Essay

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