The Cow | The Cow Essay

The Cow Essay


The Cow | The Cow Essay

The Cow, The Cow Essay

The Cow | The Cow Essay

Introduction: The cow is a four-footed useful animal. In almost every peasant family there is a cow.

Description: The cow has two eyes, two ears and a long tail. She has two horns on her head. Her body is covered with smooth fur. Her hoofs are cloven. There are cows in many colours like white, red, black, brown etc. She has a set of teeth in the lower jaw. 

Food: The cow lives chiefly on the grass. She eats wheat, paddy rice, vegetables and a few other things.

Usefulness: The cow is very useful to us. It gives us milk. The farmers plow their lands with her. Cow dung is used as good manure. Some people take the flesh of cows as meat. Its bones are used to make fertilizing chemicals. Its skin is used to make shoes, bags, belts, jackets etc. The oxen and bullocks are used to draw carts. The farmers cannot live without a cow. The cow gives us a calf once a year. Its milk is much more nutritious food for us. We should take care of its calf.

Conclusion: In our real life, the cow is so useful to us that we should take good care of such a useful animal.

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