Science and Mankind | Science and Mankind Essay


Science and Mankind | Science and Mankind Essay

Science and Mankind Science and Mankind Essay

Science and Mankind Essay

Science and Mankind


Science and Mankind Essay

Science means special and systematic knowledge of anything. The first systematic and special knowledge of mankind was the use of fire and the production of fire by rubbing two pieces of flints together. This was the beginning of science in human life. But with the passing of time, mankind has acquired so much knowledge on things by means of systematic study that it has invented and discovered many things and has revealed many mysteries to make our everyday life easier and more comfortable. From a small fountain pen to an artificial satellite science has contributed so many things that without the contributions of science everyday life of mankind is beyond imagination.

After having a deep sleep at night we get up in the morning and take a brush and some paste to clean our teeth and mouth. The brush, the paste and even the tap of water are the contributions of science. 

Secondly, after having our hands and face washed in the morning, we sit to have our breakfast. We take tea, cake, loaf, biscuits or something else. All the things, even the plate and spoons are the contributions of science.

Thirdly there was a time when men used the bark of trees and the skins of animals as their garments. But nowadays men don’t depend on such coarse things and instead of such things we wear plain, clean and velvety clothes which are the inventions of science. 

Fourthly, the use of science that has affected our life is the Printing press. Nowadays the knowledge we gain is through printing books. Only five hundred years ago it was a very painstaking effort to have a book at will. But nowadays we can have a thousand copies of a book without any difficulty due to the invention of the printing press. 

Fifthly, in the field of agriculture, science has made many contributions for which today it has become possible to produce a large number of goods to cater to our foods.

Sixthly, in the field of amusement and recreation science has contributed many things as- radio, television, telephone, mobile phone, computer and so on.

Thus in every sphere of our life, we are sunk under the contributions of science and it seems that hardly can we get a thing that is not the invention of science. Science has affected our daily life so much that science might be thanked as our god. But such an assumption is foolish because too much of anything is bad. It seems that too much dependence on science is going to make mankind a good-for-nothing fellow.

At last, it may be said that if we use science sparingly and with our conscience then our life will be more and more comfortable, easy and meaningful and then our desired peace will be had in our hands. 0 0 0

Science and Mankind Essay

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Science and Mankind Essay

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