My Last Day at School Essay


My Last Day at School Essay

My Last Day at School Essay

My Last Day at School Essay

My Last Day at School Essay

It was 29th December 2011 that became my historic last day at my school. The result of our Test Examination had already been out and all the students who were going to appear in the H. S. L. C. Examination from the school were invited by the General Secretary of the school on 29th December to bid them farewell.

At 1 p. m., the Farewell-meeting was held over which the Headmaster of our school presided. Just before the start of the meeting, a group photo of the students with the teacher-staff was taken. The meeting started with a song in chorus. As the meeting progressed, I felt uneasy at the thought of leaving the school where I had been reading for six years.

The General Secretary of the Students’ Union spoke about the purpose of the meeting. Some junior students of the school addressed the meeting first. They expressed their best wishes to the examinees and requested them to forgive their faults in dealing with us. Then our turn came. The first boy in our class stood up first. He expressed his gratitude to the teachers who enabled us to appear in the examination. Secondly, I stood up. At first, I had to stammer because my heart was paining at the thought of separation from my teachers and schoolmates. I begged my teachers to excuse us for our conscious and unconscious wrong dealings and finally, thanking the students for their grand arrangements to honour us by holding this meeting, I stopped my fare-welling speech.

At last, our respected Headmaster stood up and wished us to do well in the examination. He warned us to avoid unfair means in the examination. He also admonished us to be good citizens along with becoming good students in life. After the presidential address, the meeting came to an end.

After the meeting, we were entertained with sweetmeats. In this way, my last day at school was a day of mixed feelings- a feeling of sadness and pleasure.  I shall remember this day all my life. 0 0 0

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