The Cat | The Cat Essay



The Cat The Cat Essay

The Cat | The Cat Essay

The Cat Essay

Introduction: The cat is a four-footed animal. It looks like a small tiger as it belongs to the tiger family.  In most countries, the cat is kept as a domestic animal. There are wild cats also. Wild cats are very ferocious.

Description: The cat has two eyes and two ears on its round head.  It has sharp teeth. It has a coat of soft fur. There are sharp nails on her feet. Its eyes are very bright. The cats are of a different colour as– white, black, brown etc.

Food: The cat is fond of milk and flesh. It takes other foods like rice, bread and almost all the foods that humans take.

Nature: The cat is very mild. Children like to play with it. It loves warm places. In the winter season, it often likes to sleep near the fireplace. Some cats like to sleep in the bed of their master. It sleeps by day and hunts at night. It kills rat, mouse, cockroach, spider and even sometimes it seem to kill snake also. It gives birth to four to five youngs at a time.

Conclusion: The cat is a gentle and faithful servant to its master. A well-nursed cat is a proud possession of a family. We should take care of it. 0 0 0

The Cat Essay

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The Cat Essay

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