Mohan Saikia-Brief Life Sketch


Mohan Saikia-Brief Life Sketch

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Mohan Saikia-Brief Life Sketch

Mohan Saikia-Brief Life Sketch

Mohan Saikia-Brief Life Sketch

Mohan Saikia was one of the first modern educated people in the marginalized Maran community.

He was born on 22 November 1930 in Tamuli village in the Tinichukiya district. His father’s name was Gyanendra Saikia and his mother’s name was Shukani Saikia. He received his primary education in his hometown and passed the entrance examination from Dangri High School in 1950. He graduated from Dibrugarh Kanai Commerce College in 1955 with a B.Sc degree. He first joined the Raja Chakra Affairs Office in the Dibrugarh district as a clerk. Later on, he became the Manager of Mahakali Tea Garden as his talent and skills were widely known. But he gave up his job and joined as a teacher at Kakpathar High School to spread the light of education in the region. He later became the headmaster of Tongana High School.

He made a unique contribution to the social life of the Maran community. In 1965, he formed the Assam Maran Sabha with some educated people. Through the Maran Sabha, he launched a campaign to eradicate the social evils of the Maran community. Under his initiative, a memorandum was issued to the government with various demands including scheduling of the Moran community, lease of land to the Morans without premium, the formation of the Moran belt and block etc. He was the founding secretary of the Assam Maran Sabha. The ‘Moran Development Plan’ was prepared by him. He had written extensively on national history and culture, and through his efforts, Tamuli Bangaon was established near Digboi for the displaced people.

He was the first to bring out the Maran Bihu into wider Assam. The Maran Bihu song cassette ‘Hotau-Patau’, which he created, is a unique chant of Maran culture.

Mohan Saikia also played a leading role in the foreign expulsion movement in Assam. He later became one of the notable leaders of the Asom Gana Parishad. This uncompromising fighter lived a normal life by accepting many sacrifices in his life. He would always be remembered in the Moran society. 0 0 0

Mohan Saikia-Brief Life Sketch

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