Physical Exercise-Essay


Physical Exercise-Essay

Physical Exercise-Essay

Physical Exercise

Physical Exercise-Essay

Physical exercise refers to bodily movement or the use of the parts of our body in order to keep our body active and healthy. In other words, to say, physical exercise is a course of activities followed regularly for good health. Walking, riding, swimming, running, playing etc. are some forms of good physical exercise.

There is great value in the exercise. It improves our health. It makes our body sound, strong and active. Physical exercise falls a good effect both on our body and mind. It is said, ‘Health is wealth.’ A sound mind in a sound body is a source of happiness. Those who ignore physical exercise become weak in mind and health. A man of weak health suffers in life. He is attacked by many diseases.

There are many people who refuse to take physical exercise and grow up to suffer a lot in life. The students should be very careful about their health. They should remember that the time spent on exercise is never wasted. They should take part in games and sports.  Health is the source of all happiness and bliss. If we lose health, we lose precious wealth in life.

There are many forms of exercise. But all forms of exercise are not suitable for all. Strong men can take almost all forms of exercise but the weak and the old cannot do so. Of all forms of exercise, regular walking up to at least three kilometres is considered to be a good exercise.

To keep our body and mind healthy, active, strong and fit there is no substitute for physical exercise. 0 0 0

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