Natural Resources-Essay


Natural Resources-Essay

Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Natural Resources-Essay


Resources like air, water, sunlight, forests, land, rock, soil, minerals, metals, etc. obtained from Nature are called Natural Resources. Natural resources are extremely necessary for the survival of any organism, including human beings.

Categories of Natural Resources:

On the basis of availability, natural resources are divided into two categories: Renewable Natural Resources and Non-renewable Resources.

The resources that are either reproduced naturally or can be reproduced or increased with the efforts of human labour are called Renewable Resources. These resources are plants, fresh air, water, land, animals etc.

On the other hand, Non-renewable Resources are those which are limited in quantity and can never be reproduced with human endeavours. The quantity of such resources is decreased with consumption. For example petroleum, coal, minerals, metals etc.

In addition to these two categories, natural resources are again divided into two categories, as Biological (Biotic) Resources and Abiotic (Non-living) resources:

Biotic Resources are the natural resources derived from the biosphere and contain life-saving flora, plants and animals.

On the other hand, Abiotic (Non-living) Resources are resources that include non-living things like air, soil, water, mineral, metals etc.

Importance of Natural Resources:

All living beings are dependent on natural resources for their survival. Without the use of natural resources, no life is possible to survive on earth. Different resources have different importance in human life such as we need oxygen to take a breath. Sunlight gives us the heat that we need for our daily needs. The growth of plants requires land, soil and water. The tree gives fruits, vegetables, wood, etc. Using wood, we make paper, built houses, bridges, and various types of furniture. We need water to drink, wash clothes, grow plants etc.

Other natural resources like petroleum, minerals, coal etc. are used for various purposes. Different types of energy can be produced by different sources such as solar energy can be produced by sunlight, hydroelectric power is produced by using water, electricity is produced by coal and water is burned by burning coal to produce electricity.

Minerals and metals are found deep beneath the soil and are used to make coins, gold, steel and many other things needed for our day-to-day life. Petroleum is used as fuel for transportation.

Availability of Natural Resources:

Some renewable resources are very limited and rarely available in the world, such as petroleum and metals. In India, hundreds of minerals are produced in various places, which is very important for financial gain. We export these minerals to other countries and import some other minerals not available in India. In the case of petroleum, each country has a different percentage of the production of petroleum and they import or export petroleum as per their requirement.

Impact of the Destruction of Natural Resources:

With the increase in the human population, the impact of natural resources has also increased. To meet the daily needs and comfort of human beings, natural resources are being consumed without considering their availability. People cut trees and clean forests to get arable land and to build human habitation. Resultantly the balance of nature has been degrading. For want of sufficient trees, the natural environment is being degraded. The cultivators use chemical fertilizers and pesticides to increase the quantity of food grain which in turn has been deteriorating the natural stamina of soil. Likewise, industrial refuse and debris have been polluting water resources.


If we still do not understand the importance of natural resources, the consequences are risky for everyone. Without fresh air and water, people’s lives will become impossible in the future. So, to avoid this catastrophic situation, we should be conscious of the considerate and sparing use of natural resources. 0 0 0

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