Our School | Our School Essay



Our School Our School Essay

Our School | Our School Essay

Our School Essay

Introduction: The name of our school is Barbala H. S. School. It is situated about six kilometres north of Barpeta town.  In the north of it, there is a Masjid, and in the east, there is a public road that runs from Kaljhar to Barpeta town. Towards the west, the river Palla is flowing down gently. In the south, there is a public health centre.

Description: Our school has four buildings each containing three rooms. Two rooms are used as the Teachers’ Common rooms. One is used as a library. Our classroom is very neat and clean. Every room contains six windows and two doors. In addition to those rooms, there is a big hall that is used for seminars and meetings. All the rooms contain good ceilings made of bamboo. They are well-painted.

There are about four hundred students in our school. There are thirty teachers including the principal. Our teachers are good, ideal and amicable to us. They teach us very attentively. Our Principal is a strict disciplinarian. He often punishes the students who break discipline. 

We have a well-stock library. We have got a spacious playground in front of our school. The school has been producing many highly educated citizens.

Conclusion: I love my school very much. I am proud of being a student of this esteemed school. 0 0 0

Our School Essay

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Our School Essay

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