The Elephant | The Elephant Essay


The Elephant | The Elephant Essay

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The Elephant | The Elephant Essay

The Elephant The Elephant Essay

The Elephant Essay

Introduction: The elephant is a four-footed giant animal. Though the elephant is a wild animal, yet it can be tamed and domesticated.

Description: An elephant has two eyes, two fan-like ears and a long trunk.  Its trunk is its nose. It has two teeth which are very precious. It has a tail but it is short.  An elephant helps a man in many ways. It can carry a burden from one place to another. It is a faithful friend to the hunters. They go for hunting riding on its back. The wild elephants are hunted with the domesticated elephant. Asia and Africa are rich in elephant populations. But the elephant of Assam is world-famous.  Among the Indian states, Assam is rich in elephant population.  The colour of the elephant is generally black. Some white elephant is found in Myanmar.

Food: An elephant eats leaves of trees, grass, paddy etc. The banana tree is its favourite food. An elephant takes about three hundred kilograms of food every day.

Usefulness: An elephant gives birth to a young once a year. In addition to its use in carrying a burden, it is also used in the circus. An elephant can be trained well. It can show tricks to give entertainment to the spectators in a circus.

Its teeth are used to make ornaments. Its bones are used in making various things. Its bones are used in preparing some medicines also.

Menace it faces: The forest is the natural habitat of the elephants. But with the increase in population, the space for forest has been coming down and as a result, these valuable animals have been facing a deadly menace.

Conclusion: To protect this species of animal Government must take some decisive steps like increasing forest area, guarding it against smugglers and planting more of its food trees.  0 0 0

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