Save Time and Write Better with’s Essay Writer


Save Time and Write Better with’s Essay Writer

Save Time and Write Better with’s Essay Writer



Save Time and Write Better with’s Essay Writer

Essay writing is a serious and mindful task that requires attention, planning, reading and writing. Essay writing is mandatory for college students to graduate because these are compulsory courses. Some people find essay writing extremely awful while others perform well effortlessly.

In the past, students had to write essays on their own but today the scenario is different. Thanks to technology and the development of software, we are now able to write effective essays using AI tools. Yes!! Some AI tools are specialized to assist humans in essay writing.

In this guide, we will tell you how you can use the essay writer tool by to write better essays in less time. But before that, we will tell you some important characteristics of a good essay so you can generate a perfect essay using the AI essay generator.

What is Essay Writing?

Essay writing is a process in which a writer writes on a specific topic, conveying ideas, arguments, and information. An Essay is a structured form of writing that is used to inform, persuade, describe something or narrate an event or story. It usually contains an introduction, body and conclusion.

What are the Characteristics of a Good Essay?

Essay writing is a strenuous process. Students who don’t know the characteristics of good essays are prone to make mistakes. So, we have carefully compiled a list of important features that make a good essay. Read along to learn about these characteristics:

1.  Thesis statement:

A thesis statement is a sentence-long statement that describes the main arguments of the essay. This is considered the most important statement which informs the readers what they should expect from the essay. A thesis statement is usually at the end of the introductory paragraph.

2.  Structure:

The most common and most effective structure for your essay introduction, body paragraphs are conclusions.

  •  Introduction – The first paragraph of your essay contains a hook, an overview of the topic and a thesis statement.
  • Body paragraph – Each body paragraph presents a different argument. It begins with topic sentences and ends at concluding sentences. It presents an argument and provides evidence to prove it.
  •  Conclusion – Last paragraph of your essay. The main arguments and evidence are restated as key takeaways. Personal opinions can also be shared. 

3.  Coherence and Cohesion:

Coherence means a consistent flow of ideas in paragraphs of the essay. Cohesion means all parts of the essay are connected and contribute to the central arguments of the essay. Both coherence and cohesion are necessary to make essays readable and symmetrical.

4.  Transition:

Transition is important to connect ideas and paragraphs with each other. Transitional phrases ensure smooth slow between different parts of the essays.

5.  Clarity and Conciseness:

The language of the essay should be clear and precise to avoid ambiguity. Concise language is straightforward, to the point and not too wordy. These two factors make your essay professional, readable and comprehensible.

6.  Argument & Evidence:

The arguments of your essay should be backed up by evidence. If the evidence is not provided to support the arguments the essay loses its credibility and authenticity.

7.  Tone:

The tone is an important feature of the essay. It presents the intentions of the writers and should be in accordance with the purpose of your essay. It can be formal, informative, persuasive, argumentative etc. according to the purpose of the essay. For instance, you can’t use a persuasive tone in a narrative essay.

These seven characteristics should be kept in mind when writing an essay or even editing an essay generated by an AI essay writer.

How to use’s Essay Writer to Write an Effective Essay?

The AI Essay Writer has brought a revolution in essay writing. The AI essay writer has the ability to write well-structured, original, engaging and readable essays in just a few seconds. Thus it not only writes good essays but also saves time and energy. Let’s discuss how to use an AI essay generator by to write effective essays.

1.  Enter the Topic or Title of Your Essay:

Open your AI essay generator and write the title of your essay. In case you have a prompt rather than a title, make sure to brainstorm an appropriate title for your essay. Then enter the topic or title in the given bar.

2.  Click “Generate Essay”:

After typing the title, click on the “Generate Essay” button to begin the writing process. The essay generator has access to large databases, books, articles, and essays. It will write a well-organized and well-structured essay in a few seconds. The essay generated is original and plagiarism-free, maintaining writing integrity.

3.  Proofread the Essay:

The generated essay will appear in the dialogue box. Proofread the essay to highlight the words and sentences you want to change, the areas where you want to add more information or want to simplify some sentences.

4.  Revise and Edit:

The AI Essay Generator of lets the user make changes as they desire. It has several options for revising and editing the essay. Let’s look at some options provided for editing:

  • If there are sentences with difficult words, the user can simplify them by selecting the sentences and clicking on the Simplify option.
  • If a concept or idea needs more explanation, then select the sentences and choose the Expand option. Paraphrasingtool
  • If the user doesn’t like the wording of a sentence or paragraph, then simply click on the Rephrase option to reword it.
  • The user can also generate examples to explain a certain argument. It can be done by choosing the specific sentences and clicking on the Example option. The related examples will be generated. 
  • The AI essay writer also provides highlighting, bold, underlining, italics and bullet formatting options. Paraphrasingtool

The user can use all these options to edit and revise the text. If the tool you are using doesn’t have these features, then manually edit your essay.

5.  Download and Use:

After editing and revision, the final draft of your essay is created. You can download it in a word file or copy and paste it in the desired location.


Essay writing used to be a long and tiring process before the invention of AI essay writers.’s essay generator has the ability to compose coherent, concise, accurate and well-structured essays that engage the readers and effectively inform them about the subject matter. It also generates plagiarism-free essays in just a few seconds thus it saves time and energy. If you are not using the AI essay writer, go and get it today.

Paraphrasingtool, Paraphrasingtool

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