Nizamat Jung Spirit of Light | A Critical Analysis


Nizamat Jung Spirit of Light | A Critical Analysis

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Nizamat Jung Spirit of Light | A Critical Analysis

Nizamat Jung Spirit of Light | A Critical Analysis

Nizamat Jung Spirit of Light | A Critical Analysis

The poem entitled ‘Spirit of Light’ by Nizamat Jung is a mystic poem. It expresses the union or oneness of the human soul with the Divine soul (God). It is written in a very compressed and entangled language that makes it difficult to interpret. 

In this poem ‘Prologue’, the poet asks the sun (the spirit of light) for sending its light to a world full of woe and strife because its light conveys the meaning of the mystery of life that life is the expression of God Himself. While sending light to the world, the sun makes a tract of light to guide the human soul to soar up to heaven from the dreadful passionate world. It should send light to cheer up the toil-worn and weary hearts of human beings and thus gladden them with the promise of heaven. Saying so, the poet asks the sun to sing the song of hope till its song frees the human heart from doubt, fear and sadness. The sun should hold its spirit-tempered blade (the source of light) in its hand because the sun is the symbol of God (the lord of light) himself.

A mystic seeks communication of the heart with the divine heart through the medium of nature. Here the sun becomes the medium of communication.

A mystic theme is always difficult to understand because a mystic matter can not be substantiated or analyzed through experiment or intellect; it can be felt in the heart only. And as is its theme so is its style – because the words and phrases used in this poem are no doubt, made up of easy words but they lack logical and grammatical unity and order. The following stanza may be quoted for example:

”Bare to the skies in its unsullied brightness 

The keen edge of thy spirit-tempered blade,

Held in that hand aloft, whose radiant whitnees 

The Lord of Light hath his own symbol made!” 0 0 0

Nizamat Jung Spirit of Light | A Critical Analysis

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