Jhapara Jagadha-Brief Life Sketch


Jhapara Jagadha-Brief Life Sketch

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Jhapara Jagadha-Brief Life Sketch

Jhapara Jagadha

Jhapara Jagadha-Brief Life Sketch

Jhapara Jagadha was a heroic leader of the Maran tribe of the 10th century. His father’s name was Darby. Although in the thirteenth century, Chaolung Chukafa established a greater kingdom called Assam conquering the Marans, Barahi, Kacharis and other ethnic groups yet many tribes like the Maranas took shelter in the far-off forests and continued to live in freedom. They lived in a society run by a leader or a mentor. Khaokhai was one of such leaders. He played a significant role in a wide area of ancient Saumarkhand. It is noteworthy that the Maranas played a major role in the establishment of the Ahom kingdom and the Assamese nation. Therefore, they would not pay taxes to the Ahom king. Khaokhai’s had six sons as Khadun, Kichim, Fefela, Huilao, Jagdha, Khaukhai and Chikchau. Jagadha was the fifth son. He was the strongest, and the bravest of all. In childhood, he could swim across the Dibru River in the season of summer and brought the elephants home that were found in the forest. Jagadha was more advanced in courage, strength and thought than any other boys of his age.

At that time there were frequent battles among the tribes. A large fighting force was formed under the leadership of Jagdha. Jagadha learned the tactics of warfare from the veterans and trained his men. Many times his army defeated the opponent races and tribes. Jagadhar’s head was very large and his hair was tangled, so people called him ‘Jhapra’ (big head with tangled hair). Later on, everyone called him ‘Jhapra Jagdha’.

The Khamtis had been attacking the Maran villages from around. Jagadha, the commander, defeated them and sent them to the mountains.

Jagadha fought battles, defended his nation and became a national hero. Even today, his name is still commemorated with honour. 0 0 0


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