Mobile Phone | Mobile Phone Essay


Mobile Phone | Mobile Phone Essay

Mobile Phone Essay

Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone | Mobile Phone Essay

The mobile phone is a wonderful invention of late twentieth-century Science. Nowadays it is the most used necessary tool used in the world of human communication.

There are lots of benefits to the use of a mobile phone.

First, the mobile phone makes our communication system easier and more comfortable. By means of a mobile phone, we can contact any person around the world within minutes.

Secondly, we can share text messages with beautiful photos and video clips with our friends and relatives easily.

Thirdly, we can enjoy video games on a mobile phone. Apart from that, we can listen to music also at our convenience. 

Fourthly, of late internet facility is provided through mobile phone taking advantage of which we can watch TV programs, read rare books and download lots of data at any time.

Thus. the mobile phone provides us with so much service that it may be called a unique boon of science to mankind.

In spite of such advantages of the mobile phone, there are some disadvantages or bad effects of the use of it as:

First, mobile phone while used creates certain radiation which falls a negative effect on our health. Much use of it may cause serious diseases as cancer, heartbeat, deafness, tumour, visual disturbance etc.

Secondly, the use of mobile phones interferes with people’s activities. For example, calling or receiving a call distracts the attention of nearby people who may be busy with some important business.

Thirdly, some people misuse it by calling or sending unnecessary messages to people which may harm them.

Fifthly, the report says that juvenile crime is increasing because of the misuse of mobile phones.

To sum up, as most things have some negative effects so has the mobile phone but we can assure that its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. 0 0 0

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