Conventional Resources of Energy-Essay


Conventional Resources of Energy-Essay

Conventional Resources of Energy-Essay

Conventional Resources of Energy

Conventional Resources of Energy-Essay

Energy refers to the ability of something to make things happen, whether it is moving something, heating it up, or changing it in some way. Energy exists in many different forms including electricity, sound, heat and light. All resources of energy are classified into two types as– Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy. Kinetic Energy is the energy of moving objects, while Potential Energy is the energy that is stored, and ready for use. Human life is possible because of the use of energy that we get from different resources. Some resources of energy are called Conventional Sources of Energy such as- the sun, wind, wood, water, cow dung and others. They are called so because they are used conventionally (from generation to generation). The use of conventional sources of energy may be described briefly as follows:

The Sun is the most used conventional source of energy. Man uses its heat and light in performing all the day-to-day work as drying up wood, crops, clothes, preparing foods and so many.

The wind is another source of energy that is used conventionally. By means of wind people sailboats, and ships on the rivers and seas. In winning chuffs from grains wind is also used. Besides these, some people use wind as a means of drifting away things from one place to another.

Wood, coal cow dung etc. are other resources of conventional energy. People use them as fuel and in cold countries, people burn coals to keep their houses warm.

Nowadays the emphasis is given to the use of conventional resources of energy because of the scarcity of electric sources. Besides, scientific or electric energies have some side effects as they cause environmental pollution. It is seen that some developed countries like Japan, German, France, and Switzerland have passed laws in favour of using conventional sources of energy to lessen the propensity of environmental pollution.

But people are not conscious of the benefits of the use of conventional sources of energy. The government may take necessary steps to popularize the use of these conventional sources of energy. 0 0 0

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