Outdoor Games | Outdoor Games Essay


Outdoor Games | Outdoor Games Essay

Outdoor Games Essay

Outdoor Games Essay

Outdoor Games | Outdoor Games Essay

The games that are played in the open field are called Outdoor Games. Football, volleyball, cricket, hockey, badminton, lawn tennis are some of the outdoor games.

It is said that play is a part of education. As the study makes a man wise, so play makes a man healthy and keeps a man fit and active. Playing outdoor games is a kind of physical exercise.

Outdoor games help us in various ways. It teaches us the value of discipline, obedience, unity and order. It teaches the virtue of team spirit and a sense of cooperation.

Outdoor games should be included in the school curriculum as it is a part of education. But every game may not suit everybody. One should take up playing outdoor games according to taste, age and interest. None should ignore the importance of outdoor games; because only work and no play makes one melancholic and heavy in mind. Outdoor games make us social and more humane.

Every school should have a playground to promote the cause of outdoor games. 0 0 0


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