M Madhusudan Dutt Satan | A Critical Analysis


M Madhusudan Dutt Satan | A Critical Analysis

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Michael Madhusudan Dutt's Poem 'Satan'- A Critical Analysis

M Madhusudan Dutt Satan

M Madhusudan Dutt Satan | A Critical Analysis

The present piece of poetry entitled ‘Satan’ by Michael Madhusudan Dutt is biblical in theme. In it, he has given an account of the forlorn and pathetic state of Satan after his fall from heaven being crashed down in the hand of God for disobeying Him. The poem is full of imagery made up of similes.

The poet beings the poem abruptly and says that while Satan was thrown down from heaven for his sin of disobedience then his physical structure seemed very awesome and yet looked beautiful like a sepulcher. Being fallen down from heaven it had to live in a solitary place mourning long, where it kept awake recalling its past pride and anticipating his sufferance throughout the futurity. It had been crushed down as a giant tree in a whirlwind. Its gigantic body was blasted and wasted away and thus he was deprived of his former pride, His pride was crushed down like a barque that often walked in the deep night proudly and then was attacked by a fiend and was thrown into a dark cave of ocean bereft of its all beauty and pride.

The poem teaches us a religious lesson that one who disobeys God must suffer so. The theme of the poem is not only biblical, but it is Islamic also. In the Holy Koran, there is a brief reference to the story of the fall of Satan from heaven for his sin of disobedience.

The imagery of the poem is somewhat grand like that of John Milton. His imageries employed in the poem cope appropriately with the matter. Though the poem is little yet it is poetically great. o o o

M Madhusudan Dutt Satan | A Critical Analysis

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