Litotes | Litotes-Meaning, Definition, Examples, Illustration


Litotes | Litotes-Meaning, Definition, Examples, Illustration


Litotes | Litotes-Meaning, Definition, Examples, Illustration

Litotes is a deliberate understatement. This figure of speech consists of the use of negative words or phrases to express a positive statement. Examples:

  1. He is not wise.

Here ‘not wise’ is used to express a positive meaning that ‘he is a fool’.

  1. You are ‘not wrong’. (right)
  2. Shakespeare is a writer of ‘no mean order’. (high order).
  3. It was ‘no earthly’ sacrifice. (heavenly)
  4. Hiren is ‘not unknown’ in the literary circle. (known)
  5. I had ‘no little difficulty’ in persuading Ratan to join the club. (much difficulty)
  6. ‘Days not dark’ are ahead of you. (bright days)
  7. Visiting a marketplace is ‘not uncommon for him. (common)
  8. The weather is ‘not unpleasant’. (pleasant). 0 0 0.

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